What we do each and every day is designed to improve the health of our communities.

Our staff speak over
We are as diverse
as the populations we serve.
The diversity and culture conversation within our company is a reflection of the same breadth of diversity throughout New York City and the members that we serve. We seek talented, creative individuals from a variety of backgrounds, worldviews and life circumstances to work with us. Developing and retaining our diverse staff is what brings better insights, better decisions, better service and innovation.
Our culture is one
committed to quality,
because quality allows
us to collectively
impact lives.
Our workforce is our most valuable asset
We have built a culture that develops employees professionally and personally. Employees enjoy a familial atmosphere, with open door access to all levels within the organization, and a supportive management team that appreciates the value that each unique individual contributes to the company. Our philosophy is to promote teamwork, collaboration and cooperation throughout our organization, and we are committed to recognize and advance our staff based on their capabilities and performance.