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Professional Development
We support professional development and growth, and the opportunity for all our staff to reach their highest levels of personal potential and team success.
  • Take advantage of various training opportunities in classroom and online settings
  • Refresh or learn new technical or leadership skills
  • Apply for full or partial graduate degree scholarships through the Mayor's Graduate Scholarship Program
Become a Better Manager

Managers who oversee a unit or department can develop their managerial skills through classroom and individualized development leadership coaching. Topics include:

  • Managerial roles and responsibilities
  • Performance management
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Team management
Develop Your Critical and/or Problem-Solving Skills
  • Learn and apply the Clear Thinking techniques to help resolve critical issues, act decisively utilizing realistic case studies and work-related issues, essential for effective, efficient collaboration across teams and functions.
  • Learn to systematically find root causes for tough problems and make decisions aligned with business priorities.
  • Discover Breakthrough, our “lean” process improvement methodology to learn how to become a more efficient problem-solver.
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